I am Amelie Gagnon, a soon-to-be graduated graphic and web design student at Heritage College. Over the course of my three-year program, I have developed a keen interest in Illustration, Branding and Print design. Prior to my entering the Graphic and Web Design program I was a Visual Artist and Horticulturist specializing in garden design, so it’s safe to say – I have always loved creative fields. When I’m not at my computer I love to paint, hike and bury myself in a good book.

I'm (ah-may-lee),
Graphic Design & Illustrator

I pride myself in my Illustration competencies. As I have a Diploma is Visual Arts, I often apply techniques I have learned such as colour theory, harmony and balance within my compositions. These skills have also helped me greatly in creating incredibly legible and detailed sketches which I use to plan out my projects and wireframes.
As a student I have developed a keen interest in print design. During these three years I have learned to design a multitude of diverse print projects like: packaging, labels, small and large posters, multi-page documents and three dimensional stationary such as a fortune teller origami and pop-up card. I also had the opportunity to design pop-up signage and certificate templates during my Co-op placements.
I am confident in my competencies in this area - I am very deligient in my brand research, and can translate this research in projects to accurately represent the brands voice and theme as well as accurately replicate established brand identities. I have created branding guides, marketing assets, labels and displays and social media campaigns during my studies, including a group project where we were to design an entire brand identity using a brief from conception to a fully realized business identity.

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